Video PostCard from RomeCabs: ASSISI

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In this Postcard from RomeCabs series, we feature the Umbrian town of Assisi that rests peacefully high up on the slope of Mount Subasio.


Video PostCard from RomeCabs: ASSISI



Most often recognized as the birthplace of Saint Francis and Saint Claire, Asisis is a magical hilltop town is one of the most beautiful medieval settlements in Italy.

Retaining its original stone style of medieval architecture built of pale grey and pink stone quarried nearby, Assisi is so well preserved that it still looks brand new – not a town that’s at least 1,000 years old.

Both RomeCabs and Stefano Rome Tours offer day tours to Assisi that also includes a visit to Santa Maria degli Angeli – the famous cathedral in the town by the same name located at the foot of Assisi.

Santa Maria degli Angeli church houses the famous Porziuncola ( a tiny stone church where the Franciscan movement started), and is respected at the place where Saint Francis passed away on October 3, 1226.

Must See Churches in Assisi on a Day Tour:


Saint Francis Basilica


Assisi in A Day with RomeCabs

Saint Francis Basilica – Assisi in A Day with RomeCabs


The Saint Francis Basilica consists of a Lower Level and Upper Level and it includes spectacular vibrant frescoes by the masters of that time, Giotto and Cimabue.

The construction of the basilica started immediately after the canonization of Saint Francis in 1228 on a plot of donated land on the west hillside of Assisi known as “Colle d’inferno” (Hill of Hell) as criminals were previously executed there.

After the construction of the Basilica, it became known as the “Hill of Paradise”, blessed by the presence of the Saint’s body that is buried in a tomb beneath the basilica.


Saint Claire Basilica


Basilica of Saint Claire / Santa Chiara in Assisi

Basilica of Saint Claire / Santa Chiara in Assisi


The simple basilica of Saint Claire houses the remains of Saint Clare beneath the high altar.  

Also notable, is the large cross that originally hung in the once decrepit San Damiano monastery that is believed to have spoken to Francis and helped in his conversion from a life of debauchery to monastic.  

Also featured in the basilica are preserved personal articles that once belonged to Saints Francis and Claire.


San Damiano Convent



San Damiano Convent – Assisi Day tour with Stefano’s RomeCabs


San Damiano Convent is significant for the Franciscans as this is where young Francis first received his calling when, as tradition recalls, a large crucifix hanging inside the church (now found inside the Basilica of Saint Claire) spoke to Francis and called on him to rebuild His church.
Taking the command literally, young Francis began to rebuild it stone by stone. It wasn’t until later that the meaning could have been interpreted as rebuilding the spiritual aspect of the church which was considered corrupt in those days.

This rebuilt church was later expanded to become the convent of Saint Claire, the first female follower of Saint Francis and the founder of the Order of the Poor Clares. Saint Claire lived and died here at the San Damiano convent.


Church of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva


Santa Maria Sopra Minerva Church - Assisi Day Tour with Stefano's RomeCabs

Santa Maria Sopra Minerva Church – Assisi Day Tour with Stefano’s RomeCabs


The Church of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva, located in the town’s main square, Piazza del Commune, is quite fascinating as it was built inside a 1st century BC Roman pagan temple dedicated to goddess Minerva.

The church was built in 1539, but it was renovated in a highly ornate Baroque style in the 17th century that gives the small church the appearance of a jewelry box of gold and powder blue.

Whether you visit Assisi by on an extend stay, or if you take a Day Trip, it is one of the most impressive, peaceful, and spiritual Medieval towns in Italy.


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