Video Postcard from RomeCabs: Medieval Village (Arezzo Back in Time Festival)


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In this week’s Video Postcard, we feature another era from the fabulous annual festival in Arezzo: Back in Time:


Video Postcard from RomeCabs: Medieval Village (Arezzo Back in Time Festival)



Each year the fabulous Tuscan town of Arezzo hosts a 3 day festival called “Back in Time” (yes, in English! Although about 90% of the visitors who came to attend and enjoy the festival were Italian speaking)

The festival features multiple eras that are part of the region’s historic fabric: Etruscan Era, Roman Era, Medieval Era, and Renaissance Era. Each historical time is situated in different locations in the town created to fit the theme.

The park near the Cathedral and the Medici Fortress showcased the Medieval Era with Medieval games, chivalry competitions, sword fighting, jousting, music, and a Medieval Village where many groups set up their own camps under large white fabric tents and canopies.  

The Medieval Village was particularly interesting since sometimes visitors just observe authentically costumed participants interacting in their own camps as they might have in the Medieval times: start a cooking fire, sharpen their tools, eat at the communal picnic-like tables, or make things by hand.

At other other times, visitors were invited to step into the camps to mingle with the re-enactors and learn about the Medieval life, the tools used, and crafts they made.  

Unlike the opulent Renaissance era with rich vibrant fabric clothing, large feathered hats, and expensive looking boots and accessories, the Medieval era was very simple and monochrome.  The clothing were simple and earth toned (fabrics likely dyed with plants), and with metals very expensive for the average person, items like swords and mallets were a commodity.  

While a Renaissance era dweller may have sported a sword at his hip for self defense, his medieval counterpart may have used a scythe as a defense weapon.

By 14th century wealth began to flow into Italy as Europe began to experience economic growth due to new trade routes on land and sea that linked Italy’s ports to other networks in Europe.  Cultural and architectural achievements throughout Europe opened the opportunity for the Renaissance (re birth) to flourish in Tuscany.  The dark Medieval architecture of wood was rebuilt into large palaces with marble facades.  The stark Medieval life of survival and ignorance was transformed into a life of plenty and enlightenment.

It is quite interesting to see these 2 consecutive eras beautifully juxtaposed just a short distance from each other in Arezzo.

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Arezzo (Tuscany, Italy)


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