Why a Rome Pre-Cruise tour is better than a Civitavecchia transfer?

Buongiorno and welcome to the travel blog of Stefano’s RomeCabs, Rome’s premier company for Transfers to Civitavecchia and Civitavecchia Shore Excursions.  We’ve been providing private port transfers and cruise tours to cruisers for more than 18 years and counting. 

More than a decade ago we launched our Pre-Cruise Tours from Rome to Civitavecchia in response to many of our clients in Rome for just a brief time before their cruise but wanted to experience as much of Rome and Italy as possible.

What is a Rome Pre-Cruise Tour to Civitavecchia?

As the name indicated, Rome Pre-Cruise Tours to Civitavecchia are essentially that:  half-day tours of Rome that start from your hotel accommodation in Rome and end at your cruise ship in Civitavecchia.   Most cruise ships depart from Civitavecchia at 5:00 PM or later, leaving a significant portion of the day free for sightseeing prior to embarkation, which is usually around 2:30 PM.

What can you see and do on a Rome Pre Cruise Tour to Civitavecchia?

Our Rome pre-cruise tour includes a fun-filled 4 Hour tour by car with English speaking driver. Our suggested itinerary includes a stroll through Colosseum Square bask in the grandeur of the ancient Roman Colosseum and the surrounding architectural marvels such as the Arch of Constantine and the Roman Forum. 

From there, you may also enjoy a brief stop at Circus  Maximus where once stood a grand stadium for chariot racing and a visit to the imposing Pantheon. Not to be missed are Rome’s lively squares such as the elegant Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona, and the Trevi Fountain into which you may toss a coin in hopes for a future return to Italy (a tradition that thousands of tourists look forward to).  

Following your Rome by car tour, you will enjoy a relaxing journey to Civitavecchia where your personal driver will take you right to your ship.  Our vehicles and drivers have the required licenses and security clearance to access Civitavecchia Cruise Port and take you directly to the pier next to your cruise ship.

And now we will answer the question:  why is a Rome Pre-Cruise Tour better than a Civitavecchia Transfer?  We included 10 reasons why thousands of our clients preferred a joyful pre-cruise tour to just a standard (boring) Civitavecchia Transfer from Rome.

10 Reasons Why is a Rome Pre-Cruise Tour better than a Civitavecchia Transfer?

Rome Pre Cruise Tours to Civitavecchia

1. When booking a Rome pre-cruise Tour to Civitavecchia you don’t squander your morning before your cruise sitting around your hotel and wasting time until your transfer to Civitavecchia when you can be sightseeing instead.  Civitavecchia Transfers are usually between 11 AM to 1 PM, so you have all that precious time available that you can dedicate to sightseeing.

2. Pre-cruise tours tailored for you to arrive in time for your embarkation, just as if you were to book a Civitavecchia Transfer.  Relying on our extensive experience providing transfers from Rome to the cruise port and touring Rome by car, we crafted our Rome Pre-Cruise Tours to fit neatly into that open time to enjoy meaningful sightseeing and arrive at your cruise ship on time for embarkation.

Why Book Rome Private Tours from Cruise Port

3. Perfect when having to check out early at a hotel and don’t know what to do about your luggage but can’t go to the Port too early as there’s nowhere to wait for your embarkation

Many hotels, B&B’s, and vacation rentals have early checkout times, leaving guests with nothing to do until it’s time to leave for Civitavecchia.  In some cases, hotels can keep the luggage behind while their guests take a walk around to pass the time. 

Leaving Rome to Civitavecchia too early means having to wait some more at Civitavecchia before embarkation time. Unfortunately, there are no waiting places on the pier, and the town of Civitavecchia is still quite a distance away from your ship.  It would require at least a 20-minute walk to the Port Gate (or use local buses which can be challenging with luggage), and from the Port Gate another 20-30 minutes to the pier or take a port shuttle bus (again, a challenge with luggage). 

A Rome pre-cruise tour to Civitavecchia solves this problem with the added benefit of enjoying more of Rome!

Is it Worth Paying More for a Private Tour from Rome Sea Port?

4. Your transfer to Civitavecchia is included in the tour.

Your Rome pre-cruise tour includes transportation to Civitavecchia for a seamless perfect tour and transfer combination.

5. Hotel pickup and port drop-off mean a hassle-free experience.

Because we will pick you up at your hotel or accommodation in Rome, and drop you off conveniently next to your cruise ship, the entire experience is hassle-free for your optimal enjoyment of your pre-cruise morning.

6. Your luggage will travel with you inside the vehicle while you tour.

You will never have to worry about dragging your luggage around when you book with us. Your luggage will be stowed away inside your vehicle’s luggage compartment, freeing you up to simply enjoy your Rome tour and transfer to Civitavecchia.

Visiting Rome in the Summer? What to expect

Rome Pre Cruise Tours to Civitavecchia

7. You can see a lot in Rome by car in 4 hours (about as much as you can see in about a day on foot).

It’s been estimated that if you were to visit all the areas of Rome in our Rome Pre Cruise Tour on foot or using public transportation, it could easily take you all day and be quite tiresome. When you tour Rome by car you can expect to see and do about twice as much as DIY.

Your driver will take you close to each site to minimize walking distance and maximize sightseeing opportunities.

8. Our vehicles are properly licensed to have the permission to access the historic center of Rome (where coach tour buses and unauthorized vehicles are prohibited).  Therefore, on our Rome tours by car, your driver will take you as close as lawfully possible to each site you visit to minimize walking distances and maximize your sightseeing opportunities. 

5 Great reasons to book private tours in Italy

Rome Pre Cruise Tours to Civitavecchia

9. You can take the opportunity on a Rome tour by car to see places in Rome that are best reached by car.

While most of Rome’s “must-see” highlights are concentrated in the historic center of the city, there are so many wonderful places that are either too far to reach by foot or not easily reached by public transportation.   Many of our clients make the most of their pre-cruise tours to visit sites that are best reached by cars such as Aventine Hill (with the famous Secret Keyhole), Gianiculum Hill, the church of Saint Paul Outside the Walls, Ancient Appian Way, or the Catacombs. 

Day Trips from Civitavecchia l Rome, Countryside

Secret Keyhole- Rome Pre Cruise Tours to Civitavecchia Transfers

10. Seen enough of Rome? We offer a variety of other pre-cruise tours to Civitavecchia.

Have you already seen enough of Rome pre-cruise and there’s nothing else on your “must-see” list?  Why not venture outside of Rome to Ostia Antica or the Roman Countryside?

We offer an Ostia Antica Pre Cruise Tour to Civitavecchia, as well as a Pre-Cruise Rome Countryside tour to the Medival villages of Bracciano and Ceri with a visit to the magnificent Medieval – Renaissance Bracciano Castle.  We are also happy to customize your pre-cruise tour to Civitavecchia so you can make the most of your pre-cruise morning and see as much of Italy as possible before your cruise.

Thank you for stopping by and reading our blog. We invite you to visit our website and browse through our tours and transfers for travel information and inspiration.   We look forward to showing you beautiful places in Italy!

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