Postcard from RomeCabs: Arezzo – Renaissance Court Dance


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In this week’s Video Postcard from RomeCabs, we are featuring the first of a few spectacular vignettes from one of Italy’s greatest historical festivals that revisits 4 incredible eras in Italy’s history: Etruscan, Roman, Medieval and Renaissance.


Video Postcard from RomeCabs: Arezzo – Renaissance Court Dance



Each year, Arezzo (one of the most prominent cities in Tuscany that is rich in history and culture), hosts the 3 day event called: AREZZO: BACK IN TIME

It does just that! It takes the visitors back in time to all of these incredible eras as hundreds of talented re-enactors and professionals recreate pieces of history for us to enjoy.

This Video Postcard features a Renaissance Court dance performed outdoors by a group of talented and well costumed dancers show us the moves their ancestors have mastered centuries ago.  

The Renaissance era was a time where wealth propelled advances in art, music, science, philosophy, medicine, and technology.  This period changed the face of humanity and still inspires it today. You can easily recognize this age of opulence in the flamboyant fashions where fine colorful fabrics and bulked clothing adorned the well off.



Court dancers were primarily upper class nobility such as Kings, Queens, Dukes, Duchesses, Lords, and Ladies.  On festive occasions and banquets, the courtiers danced in couples or groups, displaying grace and dancing abilities in their finest costumes.

Dancing schools were created where the dance masters taught dance classes at court to those who aspired to a higher social status and impress their peers.  Many small steps created patterns, some steps included jumping on the right foot and kicking the left foot to the front, slide the feet, tapping, stomping, circling about and more.

By the 16th century, more instruments such as the violin were added to the the small orchestra that provided music to the dances. 

As time passed through the Renaissance into the Baroque eras, both the dances and instruments became more complex.

It is said that the love and passion for court dancing didn’t disappear…. It was replaced by ballroom dancing.

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For more information on AREZZO:  BACK IN TIME, visit their official website.

Arezzo is also part of the “UNDER THE TUSCAN FUN” tour provided by our sister company Stefano Rome Tours.

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