Don’t Do These 7 Things when Booking a Fiumicino or Civitavecchia Transfer


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We are dedicated to help turn your trip or cruise to Italy into a vacation of a lifetime!

When planning your holiday or cruise to Italy there is one thing that you have to decide on: your transfers to and from the Airport, Hotel, and / or Cruise Ship in Civitavecchia.

For more than 12 years, Stefano’s RomeCabs has provided quality, reliable and affordable Airport and Civitavecchia Transfers to hundreds of thousands of happy travelers and cruisers.

In this article, we bring to your attention some of the most important things NOT to do when booking your Airport or Civitavecchia Transfers.


Don’t Do These 7 Things when Booking a Fiumicino or Civitavecchia Transfer


Civitavecchia Transfers with Stefano's RomeCabs

Civitavecchia Transfers with Stefano’s RomeCabs


1  Don’t book your Transfers last minute just before your trip

If you travel in the shoulder or off season, you may be able to secure reliable last minute transfers (and tours) in Rome or the cruise ports in Italy.

But in late spring, summer and early fall which are the peak cruising and travel season, securing airport and Civitavecchia transfers on a last minute basis can be difficult or impossible.

If you require multiple transfers during your trip, don’t wait until just before your trip to book them as you may not secure availability on ALL your transfers together.

As with most last minute plans, being rushed and anxious can also result in errors when placing your reservations. Errors in your Airport or Civitavecchia reservations can have terrible consequences if your transfers are not provided accurately based on misinformation.

If rushed, you may even skip reading important information about the services you book, resulting in disappointments during your travels if not properly informed in advance.


2  Don’t book your Transfers during your trip

Whether you rushed to book your arrival transfer and did not have time to organize multiple transfers together, or you wanted to try out the company before committing to further reservations, waiting until while on your vacation or cruise to book further reservations is not recommended.

Not only you face the same predicament of not being able to secure last minute services, planning your additional transfers take up precious vacation time that you’d otherwise spend enjoying Italy or your cruise.

While on a cruise internet and phone access is not always guaranteed or may be spotty, making it difficult to properly connect to place your reservations.

Your cruise or vacation should be about enjoying yourself and filling up your day with fun activities…. Not spent trying to book transfers and tours, or worrying about how you will secure a much needed transfer.


3  Don’t Forget to Provide a Phone Number in case the Company Needs to Contact You

Email technology is a great way to communicate important information, however, we can’t reach you by email if our emails bounce back (which sometimes happens!).  Some email accounts have super hyper filters that block or send legitimate email correspondences into the spam folder, never making it to your inbox.  Also, a simpler error in your email address will result in our inability to ever reach you.

By providing a telephone contact, we can reach you should it become impossible to do so via E-Mail.

If you plan to bring a cell phone to Italy, it is recommended to provide that number as well so you can be reached in case of emergency.

With the ease of traveling with a cell phone internationally, it’s a huge advantage to have one with you to stay connected with your transfer and tour provider, as well as they being able to stay in touch with you regarding urgent or time sensitive information.


4 Don’t assume that ALL your luggage will fit in the vehicle.  

The prices for transfers and tours are generally for the total number of passengers. However, to be assured you will be provided a proper size vehicle to accommodate your party and luggage together, it is important to inform us of the total number of suitcases and carry ons you plan to bring with you.

If you are a party of 2-3 with more than s suitcases and 3 carry ons, it is important to inform the company to be provided a vehicle upgrade to accommodate all your luggage.

If you are a party of 7-8 with more than 8 suitcases and more than 8 carry ons, you may need a 2nd vehicle if all your luggage will not fit inside the vehicle.


5  Don’t book your transfers before booking your flight and hotel

To prevent issues with your transfer that can result from incomplete information submitted in your reservation, make sure you book your flight and hotel before you book your transfers.

Your flight arrival information and hotel accommodation is required in order to be able to pick you up. If you leave this important part “To Be Determined” later, from experience it is very easy to forget to update the company later, and your transfer may not be able to be provided accurately with incomplete information.


6 Don’t assume small children can ride in your lap and fail to include them as passengers.

If  you are traveling with small children they will need a child seat or booster seat and cannot travel by car without a secured seat.

It is imperative that you inform the company of the number of children and their ages in advance when placing your reservation.


7  Don’t assume that company, payment, and cancellation policies are the same around the world.

When booking your Airport and Civitavecchia Transfers, read the important information provided on our website, as well as in the confirmation emails you receive from us. They contain all the necessary information pertaining to your reservation, our service,  where to meet your drivers, payment and cancellation policies and more.

To avoid disappointments during travel, take the extra few minutes to inform yourself in advance, you’ll be glad you did as the only surprises you will encounter are Pleasant Surprises!


For more information on Airport and Civitavecchia Transfers please visit our website at, or click on the transfer options below to go directly to that specific transfer page.



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Thank you very much for choosing Stefano’s RomeCabs for your Transfers and Tours in Italy.

We look forward to welcome you to Rome!

Stefano’s RomeCabs Team



St Francis Church in Civitavecchia





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