Video Postcard from RomeCabs: Bracciano Castle


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In this week’s video postcard we feature the wondrous Bracciano Castle featured in our Countryside Splendor Day Tour from Rome, Pre-Cruise Tour from Rome to Civitavecchia, and shore excursion from Civitavecchia.


Bracciano Castle. Countryside Splendor Tour

Bracciano Castle. Countryside Splendor Tour with RomeCabs


Bracciano Castle is one of the most magnificent as well preserved renaissance castles in Italy. A monumental fortress, Bracciano Castle is located in the historic town of Bracciano overlooking the pristine volcanic Lake Bracciano.

Built in the 15th Century, the castle is a combination of strong military defense fortress and a private residence of the feudal lords of that time- namely the Orsini and Borgia families.

Formally named Castello Orsini – Odescalchi after their families that owned it, the castle is still owned by the Odescalchi  family even today. 

The castle and its grounds are open to visitors to explore the ornate rooms finally decorated with Renaissance era furniture, paintings, frescoes, and many fascinating objects that were used during that time. You really feel you’ve stepped back in time surrounded by all this original splendor. It is more than a museum, it is life as it was lived.

As you explore these menu brooms over to stories, you can imagine that many of it to lease most illustrious figures such as Kings, Queens, lords, ladies, Popes, and more have lived and slept here. It is quite a sale retail castle that takes you back in time 500 centuries into one of Italy’s most glorious eras. 

When you visit the castle grounds and the atrium outdoors, don’t forget to climb on top of its defensive wall that was once patrolled by armed soldiers,  and enjoy a spectacular view of the Lake Bracciano and the magnificent countryside that surrounds you.

Thank you very much for choosing Stefano’s Romecabs for your transfers, day yours, and shore excursions in Italy. We look forward to welcome you to Rome.


BRACCIANO CASTLE featured on Countryside Splendor Tour with RomeCabs

Bracciano Castle – Countryside Splendor Day Tour


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