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Cruisers most often start their cruises from Rome’s port of Civitavecchia and arrive in Italy by flying into Fiumicino Airport. Although it’s considered the “Port of Rome”, Civitavecchia is quite a distance away, about 1.5 hours away from Rome.

While most cruisers arrive at least or more day prior to their cruise to rest after a long international flight, enjoy Rome, or to explore Italy before their cruise,  many cruisers either choose to spend the night prior to their cruise in the town of Civitavecchia close to the port, or don’t have the luxury of extra vacation time and arrive at the airport the morning of their cruise.

If you have a full day ahead of you to arrive at your hotel in Civitavecchia (and you are not jetlagged exhausted, have heavy luggage, traveling with children, elderly or have mobility issues) you can opt for a less expensive albeit much longer and complicated process of taking multiple trains and possibly buses to your final destination in Civitavecchia.  We will include more information on that below.

However, if you are short on time to catch make it to your cruise in time for its departure, and want a secure, reliable, efficient, and fast transportation from Fiumicino Airport to Civitavecchia Cruise Port, Stefano’s RomeCabs as the solution for you.


Stefano’s RomeCabs  provide private direct non-stop Transfers between Fiumicino Airport and Civitavecchia Cruise Port that can be booked according to your flight schedule and you can enjoy the hour long journey between the two destinations in the comfort of your private deluxe vehicle driven by our expert drivers.

It’s that simple.  In just 1 easy, relaxing, enjoyable hour you arrive at Civitavecchia from Fiumicino Airport.

RomeCabs Civitavecchia Transfers

Civitavecchia Transfers with Stefano’s RomeCabs


Need more reasons to book your Civitavecchia Transfer with Stefano’s RomeCabs?

Here are a few reasons to consider Stefano’s RomeCabs for your Civitavecchia Transfers:

  • Our Drivers have security clearance to access Civitavecchia port to drop you off or pick you up right on the pier next to your ship.
  • Travel time between Fiumicino Airport and Civitavecchia Cruise Port by car is only about 1 hour (pending traffic or road conditions)
  • Your transportation with RomeCabs is pre-arranged, secured, adjustable in case of last minute travel changes, and easy to book online via our website.
  • If you experience delays at the airport or cruise port, your RomeCabs Driver will wait for you, you  never have to worry about being left behind due to delays beyond your control. Our English speaking staff is available by phone to assist with any emergencies you may experience.
  • You don’t have to carry your luggage through buses and train stations for easy hassle free travel.
  • Our prices are fair and competitive for the quality of service our clients have come to expect from us. Our rates are prominently listed on our website with no hidden fees or costs.
  • Stefano’s RomeCabs has been in business for more than 12 years providing continuous reliable service recommended by trusted sources and past clients on Trip Advisor, Cruise Critic, Travel Forums, Social Media, Rick Steves Forum, and travel blogs


Once you book your Transfer from Fiumicino to Civitavecchia with us online via our website and availability is confirmed you will receive a detailed confirmation email with all the necessary instructions to prepare you for your arrival at FCO / Fiumicino Airport.

We also produced a video to help you at Fiumicino Airport that hundreds of our clients have told us they found extremely helpful.



Now that you see how quick and easy it is to arrange your transfer with RomeCabs and to be transported between Fiumicino and Civitavecchia, let’s look at the other options available from Fiumicino Airport:


Taking Trains from Fiumicino to Civitavecchia:

To take the train from Fiumicino Airport to Civitavecchia, you would first need to buy train tickets and take the Leonardo Express Train that runs every 30 minutes between FCO Airport and Termini Station.

Taking the Train from FCO Airport to Civitavecchia


Once you arrive at Termini Station, you would need to purchase your tickets to Civitavecchia either at a newspaper stand or a ticket kiosk, and walk to Train Tracks 24-26  that serve the Civitavecchia commuter train.

Walking distance is about a .25 mile away from the where most of the trains stop and from where train tickets can be purchased.

Taking the Train to Civitavecchia at Civitavecchia Train Station

The stairs to take at Civitavecchia Train Station and Bus Stop


In Civitavecchia, depending on which track your train will stop at, you would have to ascend a flight of stairs to cross the tracks underground, and then climb another flight of stairs to exit.  

This can be quite a challenge if you are traveling with a lot of luggage, are advanced in age, traveling with small children, or have mobility issues. There are no lifts or escalators available.

From Civitavecchia Train Station you can take port shuttle or a local bus to the main port gate (about 1 mile) and then may have to switch shuttle buses again to take you to your ship.

Many cruisers have arrived at the train station when buses and shuttles have not yet arrived , and unknowingly proceeded on foot. With few signs and directions offered to access Civitavecchia main gate on foot, many folks get lost along the way.


Taking a Taxi from Fiumicino Airport to Civitavecchia

There are also white Rome city taxis at Fiumicino Airport, located just outside the terminal by the sidewalk.  A Rome city taxi charges about 120 Euros (in a small car) to Civitavecchia main gate – Rome taxi drivers don’t have access into the port to drop you off at your ship like we can.

Taxi at FCO Fiumicino Taxi Rank

Rome city Taxis at Taxi Rank at Fiumicino Airport

Since most Rome city taxis are small sedan, hatchback, or economy size vehicles (very few are minivans or similar), if you are family of 4 or more with more luggage that cannot fit into a small car or hatchback, you may  need 2 taxis… which would increase your transfer cost significantly!


Alternatively, Civitavecchia Taxis can pick you up on the pier next to your ship to take you to Fiumicino Airport or Rome, and they have large minivans to accommodate larger parties with luggage.


Civitavecchia Taxis on Pier


However their rates start at around 200 Euros and their prices are not set or advertised in advance and may need to be negotiated on site.  

There are not many Civitavecchia Taxis, and on busy port days with multiple large ships docking together with tens of thousands of cruisers, a Civitavecchia taxi can be scarce.


Taking the Cruise Bus from Fiumicino to Civitavecchia:

Many cruisers arrange a ship provided bus transfer from Fiumicino Airport to the cruise port scheduled to depart Fiumicino Airport at a certain time.

While this can be convenient option organized by the cruise ship without having to plan on your own transportation, if you experience any flight delays such as due to a missed connection or bad weather, or if your luggage is lost or delayed, the bus will not be able to wait for you if you are delayed for longer than the bus can wait.  

This can place you in a precarious situation if you haven’t already considered a solid reliable Plan B to depend on.


With RomeCabs, if your flight or luggage is delayed, we can assist you to ensure you will have a driver to meet you and take you safely and swiftly to your ship in Civitavecchia so you can begin your cruise holiday stress and worry free!

Civitavecchia Transfers with RomeCabs

Civitavecchia Transfers with Stefano’s RomeCabs


Thank you very much for choosing Stefano’s RomeCabs for your Transfers and Tours in Italy.

For more information or to book you own transfer from Fiumicino Airport to Civitavecchia, please click bellow:



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The RomeCabs Team






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