Video Postcards from Rome Cabs


Buon giorno and thank you so much for stopping by Stefano’s RomeCabs Travel Blog.

We are pleased to continue our series of Video Postcards from Rome – and from everyone at Stefano’s RomeCabs.  

It’s our way of saying “ Ciao from Rome! We wish you were here!”

Our most recent Video Postcard from Rome features the Colosseum at Night:


Our Video Postcards from Rome Cabs series feature highlights from the Eternal City (especially famous squares, monuments, museums, churches, fountains and other extraordinary sites featured in our Rome in A Day Tour, Seven Wonders of Ancient Rome, Panoramic Rome for Cruisers, Florence and Pisa, Countryside Splendor, Tivoli Villas and Gardens, Assisi, Pompeii, Sorrento and Amalfi Coast, and more!)

Each Video Postcard is 30 seconds long, just enough to give you a glimpse into Italy’s amazing places.

We hope you will follow our Video Postcard from Rome Cabs series on our YouTube Channel, a new Postcard will be published each week.  

We’ve already compiled and prepared more than 20 unforgettable places in Italy to feature in our Video Postcards from Rome Cabs offering our viewers and our clients who follow our travel videos something to look forward to.



We are in the business of showing our clients beautiful places in Italy on our day tours and shore excursions.   We believe in showing you the best our country has to offer…. Simply telling you about the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, etc. does not compare to actually showing you the place.

We feature a large volume of photos and videos on our website – the largest collection than any other transfer and tour company in Rome – and possibly in Italy!  

With the enormous benefit of technology and internet, we have the unique opportunity to share with our viewers, our clients, and our future clients inspiring places in Rome and throughout Italy where we offer day tours and shore excursions to inspire your next vacation in Italy.



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