VIDEO: How to Visit the Trevi Fountain during restoration


Can we still see the Trevi Fountain during the restoration?

Recently we were asked by travelers coming to Rome soon if they can still see the Trevi Fountain during the restoration because they heard the fountain was turned off and sealed off.

The answer is, Yes, you can still visit the Trevi Fountain…just not in the traditional way.

To show you, we created a short video taking you on an actual visit  into the Trevi Fountain along the suspended walkway that crosses the empty basin and offers an up-close glimpse of the fabulous marble statues and see the the restoration process taking place as workers mill around, below in the drained basin and above on the scaffolding.

Unlike other fountains that were inaccessible to visitors and blocked panels covered with advertisements, the Trevi Fountain allows the visitor the option to either view the fountain through the see through panels that surround the fountain, or enter along the runway to experience the restoration process and see everything up close.   It’s no great coincidence that a restoration project funded by Fendi came up with an ingenious idea of a suspended “runway’ to allow visitors access to the fountain.



Tossing a Coin for Good Luck and a Return to Rome

Although a small coin-tossing basin was installed in front of the fountain with a large image of Oceanus in the background for a nice photo op, many tourists still hold on to the old tradition of tossing coins into the fountain itself…water or no water!  Be aware that tossing coins from the walkway is forbidden as the signs indicate. By the look of all the coins glistening at the bottom of the empty fountain, many tourists did not, or chose not to, read the sign.  There’s always the chance of hitting a worker beneath with a coin…and that’s certainly not going to make his day.

Rome Cabs Day Tours in Rome 

Due to the high demand and the popularity of the Trevi Fountain (even under restoration!), we continue to include the Trevi Fountain in our Rome in A Day Tour and Shore Excursion itinerary.

Thank you very much for stopping by and watching/reading our blog.

We look forward to see you in Italy!

Rome Cabs Team

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: How to Visit the Trevi Fountain during restoration

  1. I was saddened when I heard that the Trevi Fountain will be place under a restoration project. My family had schedule a trip to Rome this year and we have booked our flight almost a year already. Since it will be my kid’s first visit in Rome, I see to it that I have included the Trevi Fountain my list. With your video, I am able to learn that we can still visit the fountain even under restoration. What a great news then.

  2. Thank you Angie for leaving a message. We are glad our video and blog helped! There is a small water basin at the front /center of the Trevi Fountain with an image of the statue as backdrop where you can toss coins into and have your photo taken. Enjoy Rome!

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