Postcard from Rome: Pantheon at Night

Pantheon at Night, why is it a MUST SEE during your stay in Rome?

The feel and atmosphere of Rome changes when the sun sets…and we are Rome Cabs wish to share with you another perspective of Rome our Rome at Nigh tour.

During the day, Rome is chaotic, hot (during May-September months), crowded and loud. When the sun sets, Rome settles too. The light from the sun is replaced with sparkling lights from the stars above, and the illumination of lights below that bathe the ancient stones in a golden glow.

Even though the Pantheon is closed at night, it nonetheless becomes even more formidable, even more glorious, and even more mysterious and bigger than life, than when you probably visited it during the day.

In front of the ancient monument in Piazza della Rotonda is a 16th century fountain (Fontana del Pantheon) topped with a 20 foot ancient Egyptian obelisk originally belonging to Pharaoh Ramsey II. Lights inside the fountain cast dancing shadows on the grotesque sculptures on the base of the obelisk that mesmerize.

Below is a Postcard video from us to you featuring a few clips of the Pantheon at night as seen from our Rome at Night tour.



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Thank you very much for visiting our video blog page. We look forward to see you in Rome!

Happy Travels!

~The Rome Cabs Team

One thought on “Postcard from Rome: Pantheon at Night

  1. Your short video reminded me of the beauty of Rome at night, We had just visited Rome a couple of weeks back with our kids and my kids really enjoyed our tour. And oh, Rome at night is very romantic. We had stayed in a hotel located just in front of the Pantheon and we had seen this magnificent structure very close day and night from our room window. It’s an experience worth remembering. Anyway, I really like hanging around your blog.

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